Experts Eye Factors Behind Azerbaijan’s Karabakh War Victory


Experts Eye Factors Behind Azerbaijan’s Karabakh War Victory

By Vafa Ismayilova

January 2022

A group of experts has considered the main factors behind Azerbaijan’s glorious victory in the last year’s war with Armenia thanks to which the territories that remained under 30-year occupation were liberated. They identified strong administration, successful domestic and foreign policy, the courage of Azerbaijanis and correct defence concept among reasons stipulating the victory in the war.

Strong administration

Former Foreign Minister Tofig Zulfugarov described the competent state administration as the main factor, being the basis of forming a successful domestic and foreign policy.

The younger generation, which grew up namely during President Ilham Aliyev’s leadership, showed great heroism in the war, Zulfugarov said.

“Having shown great courage, the youth ensured our victory. This is the result of the successful domestic policy pursued by the Azerbaijani president. There were a lot of deserters in the Armenian armed forces, whilst representatives of Azerbaijani youth gave their lives for their homeland,” he added.

The ex-minister sees the correctly chosen defence concept as another factor that ensured Azerbaijan’s victory.

“The right choice was made and weapons were purchased, which were successfully used during the Second Karabakh War. Azerbaijan created a professional army that liberated our lands from the occupation,”  he noted.

The ex-minister believes that the main goal of diplomacy is to strengthen relations with friendly countries.

“If the unfriendly countries have changed their position, then this is the greatest success of diplomacy. Azerbaijan achieved this thanks to its competent foreign policy. Another success of the country’s foreign policy is the neutralization of pro-Armenian circles abroad, including those ones in the West. All these facts are the result of Azerbaijan’s competent decision-making,” added Zulfugarov.

Triumph of diplomacy, economy, political system

Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko said that the 44-day war was an example of a high-tech war of the 21st century.

“As to date, none of the leading world powers has been able to demonstrate what Azerbaijan has done. That’s why the Second Karabakh War is carefully analyzed and continues to be studied in the U.S, UK, Russia, France, and Israel – wherever the factor of military power is important,” Korotchenko said.

The expert said that the last year’s war is an example of war with the use of new strategies and modern technologies.

“First of all, this was unprecedented, in military history, simultaneous use of a wide range of reconnaissance and attack drones, which made it possible to change the idea of ​​what a high-tech war of the XXI century should be like,” he added.

Korotchenko stressed the “exceptionally effective actions of the Azerbaijani special forces”.

“Azerbaijan has shown that it has found new non-standard, effective and high-tech methods of warfare, which ultimately led to victory,” he noted.

The expert described as the number one factor in any war – the commander-in-chief as namely he implements the war plans, proposes key operations, controls their preparation and ultimately fulfills them, bearing political and military responsibility for this.

He believes that the victory is a triumph of diplomacy, economy and an effective political system of power since all these components are extremely important and most essential in the conduct of war.

“War is always a test of the quality of any country, any army, and any leader. Azerbaijan emerged as an unconditional triumphant. Today, exercises and plans for military development in some states are being adjusted based on the Azerbaijani experience,” he added.

Key geopolitical player

Korotchenko stressed that presently Azerbaijan is a key geopolitical player not only in the South Caucasus but also in the international arena.

“This was achieved primarily by the potential of Azerbaijan, then by the victory in the Second Karabakh War, and also by Azerbaijan’s contribution to the implementation of large-scale energy projects. All these components have significantly increased and strengthened the authority and role of Azerbaijan in the modern system of international relations,” the expert noted.

He reiterated that the figure of the leader is very important.

“The fact that such a powerful, effective and responsible leader as President Aliyev deserves unconditional respect. The president is a politician who was able to solve in 44 days something that wasn’t solved for decades, showing real will, potential, political and military capabilities for the triumph of international law and the principles of territorial integrity,” he noted.

Korotchenko underlined that it’s very important to politically consolidate the results of the Second Karabakh War, including the implementation of the 3+3 program (with possible involvement of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran), which will ensure the peaceful, progressive and dynamic development of the region.

“Currently, one of the most key roles in the Caspian region is undoubtedly played by Azerbaijan, which will only strengthen its position and increase its potential in terms of contributing to international stability and ensuring the sustainable development goals that face the entire international community,” he said.

Successful course

MP Vugar Iskandarov stressed that the Azerbaijani army’s crushing blow on the enemy is based on Azerbaijan’s successful political course.

He said that Azerbaijan remains the regional leader due to this balanced policy aimed at developing all spheres.

As a consequence of the perfect political management, thoughtful, and principled steps taken in Azerbaijan under Aliyev’s leadership, the world has recognized the country’s great successes in domestic and foreign policy, the MP added.

The formation of a strong army is also the result of this policy, the MP noted.

“The creation of a strong and modern army in Azerbaijan is one of the main directions of the policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev. Today, the Azerbaijani army has modern weapons from the world’s leading companies in its arsenal, and is capable of accurately destroying any target,” Iskandarov said.

Due to Aliyev’s far-sighted policy, Azerbaijan created a powerful defence industry in a short time and therefore, the Azerbaijani army ranks among the 50 strongest armies in the world, he said.

The MP added that during the 44-day war the whole world saw what the Azerbaijani army is capable of.

All this had an impact on the victory of Azerbaijan in the 44-day Patriotic War, he added.

He described national solidarity and “strategic and tactical planning” as among other major factors, stressing that Azerbaijan introduced a new model of warfare to the world.

Correct strategy

Russian state advisor Tatyana Poloskova believes that a correct strategy and tactics of military actions, developed and implemented by President Aliyev and the courage of Azerbaijani servicemen played a decisive role in Azerbaijan’s victory in the 2020 war.

“This war could not but end with the victory of Azerbaijan, since the country and its people fought for a just cause, and in such cases, it’s impossible to defeat the people. Law and justice have triumphed in the South Caucasus. We all know that Armenia occupied the territories of Azerbaijan contrary to legal norms, disregarding the requirements of the UN and basic human rights,” Poloskova said.

She stressed that Azerbaijan’s victory radically changed the regional geopolitical situation.

“Azerbaijan declared itself as a leader in the South Caucasus, and Turkey – as a powerful country in the region with the potential of a serious international player. Namely, the strategic union of Turkey and Azerbaijan is now the guarantor of stability and positive changes in the South Caucasus,” she noted.

Poloskova emphasized that “the feat of Azerbaijani women, in particular, those who defended their land with arms and died for it, as well as those who educated the defenders, morally supported them during the hostilities”.

She also added that victory in the Second Karabakh War belongs to all Azerbaijani people.




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