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March 15, 2022

We live in a world of hypocrisy manipulated by the media, the war of images in which information unravels with disinformation to stigmatize an entire country is another form of propaganda.

Can we speak of a “Just-World” in the current circumstances? The sanctions imposed on Russia are not justifiable. The World should have condemned and sanctioned the United States in the same way during the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, but it preferred to play the three monkeys. Since the 1991 invasion of Iraq, 4.5 million Muslims have been killed. When it comes to Muslims, the World would rather see them die than help them in their hour of need. The racism and discrimination of the Western World is shown blatantly during the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. NBC and CBS journalists did not hesitate to say out loud that the Ukrainians must be helped because “they are civilized, blond hair, blue eyes and above all Christians! “.

Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler must rejoice in their graves to see that the Nazi soul is increasingly pervasive in Europe. Are Universal Human Rights truly universal? It is during conflicts and wars that we see its universality as being questionable. When Turkey welcomed 4 million Syrian refugees and as many Iraqi and Afghan refugees, the Europeans’ doors were closed to these “Schwarzkopf” (black head) and the Muslim population.

As mentioned by Oswald Spengler, the “Decline of the West” seems to be inevitable in these circumstances, with all of its principles resting upon a sandcastle waiting to be undone. Europe should value its multiculturalism as an asset and not as an ordeal, it is the only way to maintain its prosperity. The war in Ukraine is not a war between two countries but a “New World Order” governance war. The winner will tip the balance in favour of one hemisphere to the other, not only for Ukraine and Russia but for all parties. The whole world will bear the consequences which we are already becoming subjected to.

The Western countries should treat their phantasmagoric obsession of the URSS. Many so-called experts and journalists are agitating public opinion with conspiracy theories such as ‘the return of the URSS’. The only way the Russian nation will be able to hold sway over these ex-Soviet countries will be through economic and cultural influence, with language serving as a common dominator. The ambition of Russia is not to re-establish the URSS but to protect its territory against the NATO encirclement and insure its access to the Black Sea. Ukraine as well the security of the Black Sea, due to its vast natural resources and energy reserves, marks the red line for Russia.

Zelensky made the same mistake as Saakaschwili in 2008, who leant against the European and American flags but in the end found himself abandoned by these allies and dethroned from his power. History is a lesson to follow. The political sphere can certainly be compared to a theater scene, but amateurs end up in a Greek tragedy.

In all this turbulence, Turkiye is trying to maintain its impartiality by renewing its ties with former enemies of  President Erdogan such as Israel, knowing that since the ‘one minute’ affair and the suspension of Turkiye’s diplomatic relations, trade between the two countries has continued, paradoxically doubling in volume.

Turkiye is a very important country for Israel and constitutes an integral part of its history. The Mossad was created in Istanbul Taksim in the famous building “Mısır Apartmanı” and the State of Israel established its foundations in Turkiye. The Jewish community was a community protected and privileged by the Ottomans, the Jews expelled from Spain and Europe found refuge in the hospitable lands of the Ottoman Empire. It is for this significant reason that a rapprochement between the two countries should not be perceived as a controversial subject, but rather the nature of history. President Erdogan is cautiously approaching the upcoming elections and due to the currently ongoing economic crisis which has plunged the country into disarray, has left the Muslim brothers’ leadership which has weighed heavily upon the country’s diplomatic relations in favour of a Kemalist diplomatic appeasement.

Perception is subjective and often subject to manipulation such as political rhetoric and the war of images that shape our perception. The most important is to be able to see the back of the decor without prejudice.

It is not with the sanctions and the stigmatization of Russia that the world will be able to find achieve appeasement in this conflict. On the contrary it fuels the escalation of said crisis which is destructive for both sides. It is only with the use of “real-diplomacy” that peace will be able to be re-established.

The Black Sea is a turbulent and damned sea, it will take away in its turbulence all those who venture in the hopes of manipulating and dominating it.




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