Current State of Economy: Can You Make Ends Meet?


Turkiye Report

February 2024

A majority (56%) of the society said that their income did not cover their expenses in the past month.
The rate of those who say that their income barely covers their expenses has been on a downward trend for the last 3 months.

While the rate of those who gave this response was 30% last month, it dropped to 29% in January.

The rate of respondents who answered “My income exceeded my expenses” or “My income covered more than my expenses” has been below 10% since June last year.

There has been no significant change in the rate of respondents who express a positive opinion about their personal economic situation in recent months.

While the rate of those who cannot make ends meet in men surpassed that of women, pensioners over the age of 65 were the group that had the most difficulty.

While 59% of male respondents state that their income does not cover their expenses, this rate is 53% for women.On the other hand, the proportion of women and men who say they barely make ends meet is equal to each other (29%).

The most dominant group among those who make ends meet is young people between the
ages of 18-24 (33%).




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