ANATOLIA REPORT “A New Vision From Inside Looking in”

ANATOLIA REPORT “A New Vision From Inside Looking in”




Anatolia Report was the result of a long reflection and seemed a necessity for a Turkey that is at a turning point in its history. International medias try to transmit their perceptions of the country as well as possible, however a real gap exists in the transmission of information from inside the country and the outside perception that is propagated by foreign media outlets. Therefore, our principal aim is not the transmission of a perception but a vision “from inside looking in”.

We chose the name Anatolia Report specifically due to the fact that Anatolia represents deep historical Turkey, the crossroads of civilizations, Anatolia literally meaning “sunrise”. It is not trivial that the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk named the Turkish Press Agency – the Anatolian Agency, wanting this agency to be the voice of the Turkish people. Unfortunately, Atatürk’s will isn’t respected nowadays, quite the contrary.

To a better understanding of Turkey, it is necessary to know Anatolia with all of its dynamics, its culture, its history, its will, its perception, in sum the submerged side of the iceberg.  Turkey is a hybridization of civilisations, religions and cultures. Turkey’s greatest strength and complexity stems from is its unpredictability.

Anatolia report wishes to transmit the reality from the field objectivity without favouritism or subjectivity which could bias the analysis. Therefore, the Anatolia Report analyses will be the conclusion of qualitative and quantitative work carried out by a team of experts.

Guided by a commitment to integrity, quality, and intellectual honesty, we pay particular attention to important but under covered stories as well as underexamined aspects of the news making headlines and bringing to light often-ignored facets of Turkey independently of whether and how they affect regional interests.

N.Selin Şenocak






Professor Naciye Selin Senocak is Political Scientist, Director of Anatolia Report,  Chair Holder of UNESCO Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education, President of  Anatolia Devolopment and Cooperaion Foundation (ANKAD), Director of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies Center(CEDS Turkiye), Board of Governor Member at Jain University (SCLE) India Bangalore, President of KARAD (BlackSea Women Association for Sustainable Development) and Armenia-Azerbaijan Civil Peace Platform  Steering Committee Board Member . She served as Deputy Dean at Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne – EPFL (Swiss Federal İnstitute of Technology)  She was the Founding Director of Occidental Studies Applied Research Center at IAU and Researcher for the European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID) . Visiting professor at Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy(ADA) and ETHZ (Swiss Federal Instıtute of Technology Zurich). She graduated from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales, where she obtained her PhD’s degree on International Relations, Strategy and Diplomacy (Summa Cum Laude degree). She studied at Sciences-Po Paris, Université de la Sorbonne and CNAM Paris/ParisTech. She is an International Relations expert with a real passion in the intercultural studies. She focuses her academic career and research studies on strategy, security, conflict resolution, cultural diplomacy and implementation of educational system in emerging countries.  Senocak, teaches, publishes, and organizes initiatives in the field of international relations, conflict resolution, cultural diplomacy and sustainable development with a focus on intercultural understanding between Western and Muslim countries.



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