How do you think the economy is as of today? (%)

How do you think the economy is as of today? (%)

How do you think the economy is as of today? (%)

Turkiye Report

October 2023

The proportion of negative evaluations about the economy decreased by 3 points compared to the previous month, falling to 78%.

14% of the participants neither make a positive nor negative evaluation about the current state of the economy.

The proportion of those who believe the current state of the economy is good/very good increased by 1 percentage point compared to the previous month, reaching 8%.


The perception of the economy among opposition party voters is significantly more negative compared to the voters of the People’s Alliance.

Out of every 10 Green Left Party voters, 9 assess the economy as very bad, with only 1% giving a response of good or very good.

With the exception of the voters of the İYİ Party, there has been a decline in the tendency to rate the state of the economy as very bad and bad among voters of all political parties.

The voter group that experienced the most radical decrease is the AK Party.

In the last election, the proportion of those who declared that they voted for the AK Party and assessed the economy negatively decreased by 18 points, falling to 45%.

The proportion of pessimistic views about the future of the economy decreased by 5 percentage points compared to last August, falling to 57%.

21% of the participants paint a hopeful picture of the economy, while 22% believe that the state of the economy will remain won’t change in the next year.

Since May, we have observed a radical increase in the proportion of those negatively evaluating the future of the economy.

However, in September, we see that this increase has come to a halt. In terms of the outlook for the economy in the next year, there is a 3-point increase in those who believe it will be ‘much better’ or ‘better’, while there is a 2-point increase in those who think it will remain ‘won’t change’.



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